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1 Inch Scale

1 inch scale is the standard scale that doll houses are made in. It is also known as twelfth scale.

The majority of doll houses, kits and furniture are made to this scale. There is also ½ inch scale and fashion doll scale but houses and furniture in these scales are much less common.

If you are thinking of purchasing a doll house for the first time it is best to stick to 1 inch houses because you will find it hard to find furnishings in the other scales. The exception to this is if you want a doll house for Barbie size dolls, for these dolls you will need a fashion sized doll house.

Dolls that fit in 1 inch houses are around six inches in height. Room heights range from 7 ½ inches to 12 inches in large country mansions so the dolls fit in nicely.

Most doll house artisans that create furniture and accessories for doll houses work to this scale. This scale is not so small that the parts are too fiddly to create. You can get a lot of hand made items in this scale and nearly everything you have in your own home you can have in your doll house.

If you want to create your own miniatures one of the easiest ways to scale items correctly is to purchase a 6 inch doll. You can then compare the size of your creation to the doll to see if it is the right size.

For more information on doll house scale Click 1 inch scale


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