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1960s Barbie Doll House

The 1960s Barbie Doll House was brought out in 1962 by Mattel. This is the first house Barbie had since her debut in 1959. It was made totally from cardboard and folded out from the box. Mattel called it Barbie's Dream House

The house was one large studio apartment style room complete with furniture. All the furniture, fixtures and fittings were also made from cardboard.

As this was the first ever Barbie doll house it was every little girls dream to own one. Only the most fortunate of children would have got their hands on the 1960s Barbie Doll House.

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Barbie's First HouseToday collectors are always on the look out for this first Barbie house and they are very hard to come by.

Barbie's Dream House included a bed with bedside, sofa, coffee table, side chair with footstool and a sideboard. There were also cardboard rugs and pictures.

A chest of draws, wardrobe and bookcase with cupboards were built into the back wall of the doll house. These could not be opened and were just for show. The whole house could be folded up back into a box with a carry handle so you could take it with you anywhere.

1960s Barbie Doll HouseBarbie made her debut in 1959 and was the named after her creator, Ruth Handlers daughter Barbara. In 1961 Mattel introduced the Ken doll, Barbie's one and only boyfriend. Named for the Handlers son Ken has his own fashionable wardrobe. The first Ken doll wore a dinner suit at his launch.

Barbie and Ken were then joined by friend Midge in 1963 and sister Skipper in 1965. Each member of the Barbie clan is named after a member of the Handler family.

I often get asked where the best place to buy and sell early Barbie houses is. There are very few shops that purchase and sell such specialised items and I would always recommend Ebay.

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