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Laura Anne Doll House Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Real Glass Conservatory
June 07, 2007
Issue 001 June 2007

DIY Video Craze

Videos are one of the best ways for people to see how miniatures are really created. The Internet now offers a really great resource in video footage. Anyone can make a video of a miniature DIY project, all you need is a digital camera, a little inspiration and away you go. Most digital cameras come with their own editing software too!

Here are some Miniature DIY videos that should not be missed. The workmanship and detail in these projects is unbelievable.

Making a miniature pig
Making a miniature baby

Real Glass Miniature Buildings

While browsing the Internet the other day I can across a wonderful web site by the artist Jady Jane. Lady Jane creates real glass buildings in miniature. These buildings are a real design dream. Among the buildings is a highly detailed Victorian style conservatory filled with plants, wicker furniture and a water feature. Lady Jane has sold three of these to date for a staggering $24,000 each.

To take a look Click Here

New Articles

Since launching our doll house articles last month we have had a lot of informative articles submitted. Here they are:

How to prepare to build a doll house kit
About doll house museums
Barbie's first ever doll house
Big Profits from doll house online sales
Cross Stitch in miniature
The importance of doll house insurance

If you have an article you would like to submit Click Here. For every article submitted we link to you web site or ebay store.

New DIY Project Make an Office Chair

This DIY project is made from polymer clay and is very easy to make. All you need is some blue and black polymer clay and some glue.

Click Here to take a look!

If you have a project you would like to submit Click Here. For every project submitted we link to you web site or ebay store.

Best wishes,

Laura Grey

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