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November Newsletter - Christmas Doll House & Miniature Bargains
November 20, 2009

Christmas Bargains & Unique Christmas Miniatures

In This Issue:


1) Christmas Bargains

2) Unique Christmas Miniatures

3) Be A Moderator For Our Forum

4) A New Interest for the New Year! --------------------------------------------------------

Christmas Bargains

Christmas is fast approaching and many of you may be thinking of purchasing a new doll house for yourself or a loved one this year and believe me know is the time to do it. With the world in recession there are far more companies fighting for your business than there are buyers and that means prices have dropped through the floor.

I have searched the internet and found some of the best Bargain dolls houses available. Some houses with over 50% off the Regular Retail Price. I have selected the best houses for children, collectors and some wooden Barbie houses for those little girls who prefer Barbie. Click the links below to take a look:

If You Live In The USA Click
If You Live In The UK Click
If You Live In Australia Click Here

If You Live In Canada Click Here

Unique Christmas Miniatures

There are many unique handmade Christmas miniatures around at the moment and if you are an avid collector you won’t want to miss out on them. This teapot is a great example. It is tiny, expertly decorated and the top even lifts off to reveal a hollow inside.

I have put together a few unique Christmas miniatures. To take a look visit:

Be A Moderator In Our Forum

I am looking for two moderators to help out in our dolls house forum at

This would involve checking posts, removing unsuitable posts and adding new categories as required by members.

If you are interested please send me an email by replying to this newsletter. I will need to know your forum ID to consider you.

Start The New Year With A New Interest!

Ever thought about turning your hobby into a mini business that's not only fun but pays for your hobby too?

That's exactly what I did. To find out more visit:

Best wishes,

Laura Grey

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