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Find a low cost ready built dollhouse on ebay. It really is the best place to start looking. It is very expensive to purchase a ready built doll house from a store and a pre-owned house is the best way to get a bargain. Click Here to go directly to ebay and see our specially selected listings or take a look at a few examples below:

If you want a finished doll house but the prospect of building, decorating and lighting your own dolls house is a bit daunting don't despair. Let someone else do all the hard work and deliver a fully built, decorated and lit dolls house directly to your door and ready for you to start enjoying.

Building, decorating and lighting a dolls house is a big job. It will take the average collector several months to get their dolls house finished and ready for furnishing. Although this process is very enjoyable for most if you hate DIY or can't wait to have your dolls house finished it can be a chore. A much easier option is a fully finished doll house that you don't have to do any work to and is ready for your doll family to move in.

For more information on completed doll houses Click Built DollHouse



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