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Copford Doll House

Copford House

Copford Doll House is a much sought after detached property with rounded bay windows and a porch roof. This is a modern style dolls house with six large rooms.

Copford House is made from 9mm thick MDF wood with a 6mm rear wall making it very strong and stable.

A perfect house for a collector or for a child that want's a house that will grow with them and last their lifetime.

Copford house comes in kit form with all pieces cut for you, all you need to do is paint the house the colour of your choice and glue the pieces together.

Copford House has six large rooms and is very large. Although the house is the standard 1/12th scale the rooms are actually deeper and wider than those in an average sized dolls house allowing you to fill the house with more furniture. The six very large rooms give you enough room for a living room, dining room, bathroom two bedroom's and a nursery or playroom.

Copford House comes complete with two internal staircases that are fully constructed. There is also an add-on basement available. To take a look at the basement click Copford Doll House Basement


Inside Copford House

House Dimensions

Overall Dimensions Depth 400mm, Width 700mm, Height 650mm
2 Rooms 285mm wide, 200mm high, 330mm deep
2 Rooms 360mm wide, 200mm high, 330mm deep

You can find Copford House for sale at a discounted price on Ebay Click Here to take a look


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