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Creating Miniature Doll Houses

Throughout the years, many people have enjoyed creating miniature doll houses and carefully collecting objects to display within them. With the increasing availability of miniature dollhouse kits and handcrafted dollhouse furniture - everything from miniature pianos to miniature rosewood furniture - more people are taking up this hobby and turning it into their passion.

Why Miniature Dollhouses?

There are many enchanting aspects of collecting miniature dollhouses. The primary advantage is that you can start small and grow your miniature dollhouse collection over time. Another advantage is that your miniature dollhouse collection can be as expensive or as inexpensive as is practical for you. Although many people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on rare dollhouse miniatures, there's no real need to. You can get just as much enjoyment out of your less expensive collection.

Creating Miniature Doll houses

Although you can buy a miniature dollhouse ready-made, it's much more of an adventure to build your own with a miniature dollhouse kits. Miniature dollhouse kits come in a variety of styles, from Victorian dollhouses and Adirondack cabins to country churches and general stores. Often, they come with add-on porches, dormers, and stairways in a variety of styles. When considering the kits on the market, look for wooden dollhouses that are made with cabinet grade plywood for exterior walls. Superior construction will ensure that your miniature dollhouse will be one that you can pass down for generations to come.

Before looking at miniature dollhouse kits, think about where you will ultimately display the dollhouse. Make sure that the dollhouse you choose will fit in the space you have and that, if you will be moving in the near future, it is of a scale that is moveable. Dollhouse miniatures come in a variety of scales, so decide ahead of time what scale you'd like.

Hands Off?

There are many in the miniature dollhouse collectors' community who insist that miniature dollhouses are for adults only. Yet there are others who fondly recall the privilege and pleasure of playing with their mother's or grandmother's miniature dollhouse. While miniature dollhouses should be definitely off-limits for very small children - dollhouse miniatures can be a health hazard if swallowed - part of the enchantment of collecting is sharing the enjoyment with others. If you need to protect your miniature dollhouse from little hands, either buy a miniature dollhouse kit that closes completely or install a Plexiglas sheet to seal the back of the dollhouse.

Furnishing Your Miniature Dollhouse

There are many ways to go about furnishing your miniature dollhouse, from creating your own wallpaper and flooring to buying miniature crystal chandeliers. Once you become familiar with the possibilities, create a "wish list" of items that you'd like. Over time, you can either buy them yourself or ask to receive them as gifts.

This article was submitted by Chris Robertson

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