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Doll House Decorating

Doll House Decorating is much easier than it looks. It is a time consuming process but it is very enjoyable to see an empty shell of a dolls house turn into an exquisite home.

You can decorate your dolls house by painting, wallpapering, carpeting, tiling, creating stone work or cladding the walls in wood. There are so many different ways to make your dolls house unique with doll house decorating.

The most common and easiest ways to decorate your dolls house is by painting, wallpapering and carpeting. These are the methods that most people choose to begin with and then when they have a little more experience some move on to wood cladding, tiling and creating stone work.

Here are some examples of doll house decorating:

This is the Beeches. The outside of this house has been painted and papered with brick and tile paper to create a brick effect. If you look at the front of this house you can see that the lower portion of the house is white. This is painted with textured paint to create a rough external effect.

The brick effect on the house is created with brick paper which is stuck in place with wallpaper paste. The same with the tile effect on the roof this is created with tile paper.

Creating a dolls house like this is very easy by simply using paint and dolls house papers.

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If you don't fancy papering the exterior of your dolls house you could just paint it. You can create a very nice looking dolls house with different colour paints. This house is decorated with paint and looks very effective. A few flowers around the door complete the cottage look.
If you are feeling adventurous you could try cladding the outside of your dolls house with brick slips. Brick-slips are slithers of brick that when stick to the outside of a dolls house give it a very authentic brick effect. You can make these yourself by cutting bricks using a specialized electric saw or tile cutter by making a mold and casting with plaster. You can also purchase these but this can be an expensive way of doll house decorating.


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