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If you are new to dolls houses getting started can be a bit confusing. Just like your own home there are so many things you need to consider, like what scale dolls houses are, how do you know the furniture will fit, can you have lighting in your doll house, can you decorate it with different wallpapers, are kits easy to put together, where can you get ready built doll houses?

These are all things that need to be considered before you think of getting a doll house. If you get the wrong size house or furniture, or a house that can't have lighting fitted in it for example you could be very disappointed and it would be a costly mistake.

As a novice you probably don't know that much about lighting or decorating a doll house and might not have found out about doll house scale, which woods are good quality and which to avoid or any of the little tips that can really help you build your dream doll house.

That's why I have put together a Free five day email guide to explain everything in simple terms and help get you on your way to creating the perfect doll house.

In the guide you will find information on:

  • The difference between good quality and poor quality doll houses
  • If you should avoid imported houses
  • What scale dolls houses are made to
  • How dolls houses are built
  • Information on how to build from a kit
  • Where to find ready built houses
  • How a novice can install lighting in a doll house
  • How to decorate you doll house including how to wallpaper
  • Tips on building
  • The 10 mistakes that newbies make that can cost £100's

The guide also has money off vouchers and offers from some of the top doll house retailers. You can only get these in this guide.

To sign up simply fill in the form below. Please be assured that I won't share your email address with anyone else or send any unsolicited email. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

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Buyers Comments

"Thank you for getting my doll house to me in just 72 hours" - Mrs Frost, Manchester

"My daughter loves her new doll house and we had so much fun building it together" - Garry, Western Super Mare

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