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Our doll house kits review should give you a good idea of what you should be looking for in a dolls house. There are several different houses here with a lot of different features. You can read through each review and also click on the doll house images to get more information on each house.

Grove House




Grove House

Grove house is a very popular doll house kit. It is made from 6mm and 9mm MDF and has a lovely double bay window front. This house is suitable for both children and collectors.

Grove house comes in kit form, unpainted and ready for you to decorate. It has six large rooms and there is an add-on basement available giving you the option to add an extra two rooms to your doll house.

This house is very easy to construct and shouldn't take you more than an hour. If you plan to paint the house first you should allow yourself a good few days to paint and then assemble.

If you want to fit lights in your doll house Grove house is a good choice. It is front opening which means you can feed the wires through the back of the house and it is also made from MDF which means it is easier to disguise wires.

Grove House is available in the UK only. For more information on Grove house and other doll house Kits Click Here

Garfield Doll House Kit

Garfield Doll House Kit

The Garfield Doll House Kit is one of my favorites. It has ten large rooms, two balconies, a tower and a winding porch. What more could you ask for?

This house is made from plywood and is suited to collectors and children over the age of 9 years old. This is a very large doll house and will make a fantastic focal point to any room.

The kit comes unpainted so you can decorate it in any colour you choose. There are a lot of decorative pieces to put together as the house is so big. I would give yourself a week to fully construct it (without painting) so you can take your time and do a little bit every day.

This house is back and roof opening. In some ways a back opening house has disadvantages to a front opening doll house but in this case you would never get a front opening doll house as decorative or with as many features as the Garfield. This house is second to none.

The Garfield is made in Canada and is available for delivery to the whole world. For more information on this doll house Click Here.

Kits Available In The USA

Kits Available In The UK

To see more click doll house kits or continue onto stage five of our tour where we will be looking at how to get started putting a dolls house together Click Here


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