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When painting your dolls house it is important that you use the right doll house paints If you have not already done so take a look at our doll house paints guide.

There are several different types of doll house paints you can use for the interior and exterior of your dolls house. One of the most important things to whatch out for when choosing your paint is that you do not pick an acrylic based paint. Acrylic based paints are fine for small objects but when used with dolls houses they tend to streak and they do not cover wood very well.

When painting the exterior of your dolls house it best to use a matt or silk emulsion. You can also get specialist paints for dolls houses that have a textured quality to make the outside of your house look like stone. These paints are nice to use whith rustic dolls houses like old cottages. You can also add texture to matt paint yourself by adding a small amount of fine sand.

For help with the painting of your dolls house please visit out doll house paints guide.


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