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Doll House Wallpaper Guide

Our doll house wallpaper guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started decorating your dollhouse yourself. Wallpapering your doll house is much easier than it looks and when you get the hang of it you will be able to paper each room very quickly. Just follow the doll house wallpaper guide below:

Choosing Your Wallpaper

Choose the wallpaper you use for each room carefully. If you are decorating your dolls house to a specific period in time research the period first to make sure you get paper that matches. Remember you don’t have to use only one wallpaper on any given room you can mix and match, have a different paper on the top to the bottom of the wall it’s your choice.

How many sheets do you need?

The average size dolls house room usually requires three sheets of wallpaper to cover it, one for each wall. If you are using two types of wallpaper on each wall you may require more paper depending on if the paper is patterned.

What do you use to stick the paper?

You can purchase special wallpaper adhesive to stick your wallpaper to the dolls house wall or you can use normal wallpaper paste.

Hanging your wallpaper

First measure and cut your wallpaper to the right size to fit your wall. Using your wallpaper paste cover the back of the paper sheet and then place it onto the wall. Slide it into the exact place and smooth flat with the palm of your hand pushing out any bubbles. Leave to dry.

One the paper is dry trim any overhanging edges with a craft knife. Don’t trim when the paper is wet, as it will rip.


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