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Dollhouse Decoration

The majority of dollhouse decoration is usually done with paint and doll house wallpaper. There are now hundreds of styles of doll house wallpaper designer specifically for doll houses. These are made to scale so the wallpaper does not look out of place in your doll house. You can also get paints specifically made for painting the interior and exterior of doll houses, for more information on doll house paints Click Paint for dollhouse decoration

In this section of our tour we are going to focus on doll house wallpaper.

There are so many different styles of doll house wallpaper available for your doll house. You can get very plain modern paper or mush more detailed traditional wall paper. If you are building a Victorian Style doll house there is a wide range of deep coloured, patterned paper which was very popular in Victorian times.

One of my favorite types of doll house wallpaper is theme wallpaper. Theme paper often has characters or animals and can depict a scene. It is a fun wallpaper to have in a dolls house.

Below are some examples of wallpaper for dollhouse decoration:

This wallpaper has a deep blue background with a detailed flower pattern. It is suitable for a Victorian style doll house and could be used in a living room or dining room. You could tone this paper down by only using it on one wall
This is tile effect wallpaper to make your doll house walls look like they are tiled. This type of paper is available in many colours and styles.
You will see a lot of flower wallpaper for doll houses. There are many different colours and patterns. Flower papers are always popular as they are homely.
This is a Noah's Ark theme wallpaper perfect for your doll house nursery. On this paper the Noah's Ark theme runs along the top but you can get themes that cover the whole wall.

In the next stage of our tour we will look at types of doll house lighting. Click here to move on.


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