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Dollhouse Lighting

There are many types of dollhouse lighting available for your doll house. Here we will look at several of the different doll house lights available. We also have a guide on how to light your doll house yourself in our lighting section, click here to take a look.

Doll house lighting runs on a 12 volt circuit as do many hobby electronics. To light your doll house all you need is a 12 volt transformer, wiring and lights.

Dollhouse lighting ranges in period, style and size. You can get small wall and ceiling lights, large chandeliers and floor and table lamps much like you can for your own home. Doll house lighting hasn't quite caught up with today's fashion and you won't see anything like aluminum strip lights or spot lights for your doll house kitchen. The types of lights that are available are slightly more old fashioned. Tiffany lights and tulip style lights are popular as are lights that look like candles.

Take a look at these examples of dollhouse lighting. All of these lights can be purchased from our store.

Tulip Wall Light
This is a classic Tulip wall light. If you want wall, ceiling lights and lamp to match in a doll house room this is a good style to choose as there are many varieties available.
This is a Tiffany table lamp. It is a nice bright colourful light at a good price. You can also get ceiling lights and floor lamps to match this one.
This is a classic three arm candle chandelier. These lights also come with five, six, seven or eight arms. Some of the very fancy ones have even more than that. This style of light does hang quite a long way from the ceiling so is not really suitable for low rooms.
A simple ceiling globe light. This light might be suitable for a modern style room. It is simple and inexpensive.

In the next stage of our tour we will look at types of doll house furniture. Click dollhouse lighting to move on.


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