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Dolls House Decorating

Dolls house decorating is an absolute pleasure. Just like in your own home there are several ways in which you can decorate. You could paint or wallpaper the walls and carpet or put wood or tiles on the floors. There are a lot of options available to you and you can decorate your rooms in any way that you like.

Wallpaper is probably the most popular method of covering walls when doll house decorating because there are so many different wall paper options available. You can get as many different types of wallpaper in miniature as you can in full size. Here are just a few examples:

Wallpapering your dolls house is easy to do when you know how and we have put a guide together to help you. Click dolls house decorating to look at our wallpapering guide.

There are also several ways you can cover the floors when dolls house decorating You can get wood effect paper, that is very much like wallpaper, to create a wood effect on your floor or you can actually get wood flooring made from very thin veneer.

You could also tile your floor with tile effect paper or you can actually purchase tiny tiles to lay or make them yourself.

There are lots of different ways of dolls house decorating and we often discuss these in our news letter and also suggest new ways to decorate. If you haven't already signed up for our news letter and you are really serious about getting started on your own dolls house why not sign up now Click Here. It's totally free.

Once you have started doll house decorating it is time to start furnishing. Click Here to move the the next stage of the beginners tour to find out about dolls house furnishings.


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