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"If You Want A Quality Wooden Dolls House Kit That Is Sturdy, Easy To Build & Made Exclusively In The UK You Have Come To The Right Place"

If you are looking for a wooden dolls house kit you need to look for quality, durability, safe and sturdy construction, ease of building, ease of painting & decoration, & ease of lighting. To give you a little more information:

Quality: Many dolls house kits are now being shipped over from China. They look good and are reasonably priced but the quality is very poor and I would be surprised if they last a year. A good doll house kit is made from a sturdy wood which is usually at least 6mm thick, has a strong construction that doesn't show any screws and every piece fits perfectly.

Durability: A good dolls house is also very durable so it will last for years to come. If designed for a child it should stand up to being bashed about.

Safe Construction: If the doll house is designed for a child it should have no small parts and the wood should not be able to splinter.

Ease of Building: Nobody wants a to purchase a doll house kit and find they can't put it together. If you have never put a doll house together before look for one that is easy build, where the pieces simply slot into place and there are no screws so you won't see any unsightly screw heads.

Ease of Decorating: Doll Houses made from MDF are easy to paint and decorate as this wood provides a perfectly smooth surface for painting and decorating. Both paint and glue stick to the wood very well and are not absorbed so you won't need a lot of coats of paint. When painting you will need a primer and then your top coat and when papering you can use normal household wallpaper paste to stick the paper to the house.

Ease of Lighting: Lighting a doll house isn't difficult if the house is front opening, made from a good quality wood and has space for a socket board. There is more information on lighting a doll house in our email guide. Take a look below.

For more information on wooden doll house kits including step-by-step instructions on how to build, light and decorate a doll house yourself sign up for our Free five day email guide. It will guide you through every step to creating your perfect doll house and also contains special offers and money off vouchers. Fill in your details below to sign up, you will receive the first part of the guide right away.

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"Thank you for getting my doll house to me in just 72 hours" - Mrs Frost, Manchester

"My daughter loves her new doll house and we had so much fun building it together" - Garry, Western Super Mare

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