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I'm Laura Anne and I have been a dolls house collector for over 20 years. There is nothing that I can't tell you about dolls houses.

You have probably found me by searching online for information on dolls house kits. Unlike other web sites I am not going to shove a load of dolls house kits in your face and say "buy me" that's not my job. What I want to do is give you a little more information about dolls house kits and tell you how you can create a beautiful dolls house that will be admired by your friends and family and last a lifetime.

Creating a really beautiful doll house is all about the detail. Every dolls house starts with basic wooden rooms, it is how you dress the rooms that will really bring the house to life. The living room above is a basic square shape, it is the dressing that gives it it's character and makes it look so exquisite.

If you are looking for your first doll house you may be a little overwhelmed by decorating it yourself. There really is no need to be, creating a dolls house room like the room above is very simple. This room uses a fairly plain doll house wallpaper on the walls which you just stick in place with glue. The furniture is very basic and can be purchased from any doll house shop. What really brings this room together is how each piece colour coordinates and how the accessories give it that finishing touch. Lots of accessories have been used to make the room look like someone really lives there. This is something that is very simple for you to do and is also lots of fun. It gives you an excuse to purchase an accessory in every dolls house shop you visit.

The same technique can be used for the outside of a doll house. The majority of doll houses come as kits that you paint or paper yourself. You can paint a house a very basic colour and bring it to life with outside accessories like window boxes, trailing flowers, birds, a weather vane and outside spaces like balcony's and patios. It really is the little extra details that make a dolls house. Just Take a look

Sit a doll outside on a balcony to show someone is at home
Use Plants, Buggies & Bikes to create a homely feel
Dress The Stairs
Accessorise The Kitchen
Cram The Bedroom Full Of Trinkets

The Key to a beautiful doll house is to accessorise, all the rooms featured here are just standard square rooms but they look fantastic because they are accessorised....

That said there are a few more things that a doll house needs to make it truly perfect. Number one is high ceilings. All of the rooms featured in the pictures here have high ceilings over 9" tall. This gives you enough room to hang curtains properly and for the pictures and lights to look in proportion.

The next thing is quality. A good quality dolls house will last a life time and you will be able to pass it down to your children, a poor quality dolls house might not last you a year.

Many dolls house kits are now being shipped over from China. They look good and are reasonably priced but the quality is very poor and I would be surprised if they last a year. A good doll house kit is made from a sturdy wood which is usually at least 6mm thick, has a strong construction that doesn't show any screws and every piece fits perfectly.

Durability: A good dolls house is also very durable so it will last for years to come.

Ease of Building: Nobody wants a to purchase a doll house kit and find they can't put it together. If you have never put a doll house together before look for one that is easy build, where the pieces simply slot into place and there are no screws so you won't see any unsightly screw heads. The majority of good quality kits are easy to build anyway.

Ease of Decorating: Doll Houses made from MDF are easy to paint and decorate as this wood provides a perfectly smooth surface for painting and decorating. Both paint and glue stick to the wood very well and are not absorbed so you won't need a lot of coats of paint. When painting you will need a primer and then your top coat and when papering you can use normal household wallpaper paste to stick the paper to the house.

Ease of Lighting: Lighting a doll house isn't difficult if the house is front opening, made from a good quality wood (like MDF) and has space for a socket board. All good quality dolls houses will allow for lighting.

The Dolls House I personally Recommend that has all of these features is The Beeches.:

  • It has eight large rooms with high ceilings
  • Is made from MDF wood
  • Has some nice added features like a curving staircase and a balcony on the front with big double doors which really add character
  • It is of the highest quality and could be passed on to your children and your children's children
  • There is also a basement available with a courtyard where you can place flowers and other accessories
  • All of the windows are wooden, there is no plastic in this doll house at all. Even the balcony is made from wood.
  • The windows are curved and give a lot of light and added possibilities for window dressings.

My favorite part about this house is the room sizes. They are large and any of the rooms on this page could be created in this doll house including:

An Elegant Boudoir
A Luxury Miniature Kitchen

This is a grand four storey Georgian house with eight huge rooms inside. The front of the house has French doors leading onto an imposing balcony. The windows are uniquely rounded at the top and there are also three dormer windows.

The Beeches is a very grand house and with eight large rooms to fill with furniture it will bring years of fun.

The Beeches doll house is made from superior MDF wood and has a very stable construction. It comes in kit form with all pieces ready cut for you, all you need to do is glue it together. The Kit comes unpainted so you can easily paint it the colour you prefer.

The Beeches is a Very high quality dolls house, made in the UK by mastercraftsmen.

The quality of this house really is second to none, see what our customers have to say about it at the bottom of this page.

Click Here For A Larger Picture

Decorated Example. This house comes undecorated

Our Customers Said:

"I can't believe what a bargain this house was. It cost me half the price of M*****y H**l and is just as good in quality, is as big, and is actually easier to put together" - Mrs Frost, Manchester

To see more reviews Click Here

Internally the stairs are located in a large hall and run up the center of the dolls house. The stairs come complete with handrails, spindles and newels. They spiral around the inside of the hall creating a real feature.

Internal doorways are all cut to standard size so you can easily fit internal doors.

As you can see there are eight large rooms that will give you enough space for a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms, a nursery and a music room or library.

There is also an add-on basement available that will give you an extra three rooms. To take a look at the basement click Beeches doll house basement

This house is easy to build even for a novice and it is a fun project to do as a family. Take a look at what previous customers have said at the bottom of this page.

House Dimensions

Overall Size Depth 380mm, Width 750mm, Height 930mm
All Rooms 342mm Deep
Hall 150mm Wide
1st Floor Rooms 271mm Wide, 232mm High
2nd & 3rd Floor Rooms 271mm Wide, 195mm High
Attic Rooms 271mm Wide, 176mm High

Beeches Doll House Kit

Our Price = £149

This House Has a Five Star Rating By Our Customers

UK Delivery Only

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Grove House

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Buyers Comments

"Thank you for getting my doll house to me in just 72 hours" - Mrs Frost, Manchester

"My daughter loves her new doll house and we had so much fun building it together" - Garry, Western Super Mare

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