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Dolls House Living Room

Get inspiration for your dolls house living room with these living room scenes by artisans and collectors.

Elegant Georgian Drawing Room

An elegant drawing room like this is much easier to create than you may think. With Georgian houses you have to remember Ceiling roses and cornice. Big cornice like in this room really conveys the elegance of the room.

Wood paneling, wood floors, large rugs and sweeping curtains are all trademarks of the Georgian era. You can purchase wood paneling from many dolls house retailers or have a go making your own with wood strips or cardboard.

Dark colours and dark wood and lots of ornaments create a warm feel.

Cozy Living Room

Fill your living room with lot's of material, brightly coloured furniture and some delicate ornaments to create this cozy country style living room.

A living room like this is quite easy to create. The country scene outside the window is simply a colour photo, the chairs have been covered in the same material used to make the curtains and colours have been chosen carefully to make sure everything matches.

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