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“In the world of dolls houses anything is possible, create a stately country home or a working flour mill or create your own village with houses, shops and a whole community of people. Create anything you want in the world of Miniature.”

When you first get started collecting doll houses everything is a mystery. The task seems so daunting and you don’t know where to start but believe me before long you will have totally fallen in love with the hobby, be planning your next five projects and simply won’t be able to get enough of everything miniature. You will have caught the miniature bug.

When you think of doll houses the typical image everyone gets in their mind is of a Georgian country house like this one.

You have probably seen this type of dolls house before; it is the most common type of house and the most popular. There are actually hundreds of different types of miniature house out there from many different time periods. Some houses are made from kits and some custom made. Some of the most interesting doll houses I have seen are ones that have been built at home by collectors, either built from scratch or developed from a kit with a unique flare added like a Victorian Kit I saw in America that had been turned into a Haunted house with skeletons living in it. The best thing about collecting miniatures is that you can let your imagination run wild.

This is a Victorian Style dollhouse that has been made from a kit and then decorated on the outside with brick and a slate roof. This is time consuming but easy to do and as you can see it looks fabulous.





This house has been built from a kit, painted and decorated with brick and tile sheeting which is quick and easy to use.

There are many different ways you can decorate your dolls house to make it unique to you and create exactly what you want, not only on the outside but inside the house too. You can easily turn a simple kit into a masterpiece.

The majority of dolls houses come in kits and this is probably the most popular way to get started collecting. There are so many kits to choose from you can choose the design you like and set about adding your own style and touch to the house to make it your own. If you would like some more in formation on kit houses click here.

Another popular but expensive way to start your hobby to have a dolls house custom made for you. Custom made houses are fantastic, they are very unique and you could either come up with your own design or choose a designers and have them make it for you. With a custom made design your dolls house is sure to be unique as usually only a handful of any design is made. This is a custom-made house below. It is a Tudor house by Chris Rowe, completed inside and out with the highest quality materials.

Of course in the world of miniatures you are not restricted to dolls houses you could create a shop, post office, pub, café, hotel. The choice is endless. You can get miniatures to fill any of these buildings.

One of the best parts of the miniature hobby is learning to make your own miniatures to fill your dollhouse rooms. Although there are thousands of miniatures available it is always nice to actually make a few items yourself to finish off your rooms and anyone, even if you have never made anything in your life can make miniatures. There are lots of books and guides out there to help you make everything from food to clothes and actually furniture. Of course if you don’t fancy making your own miniatures there is plenty to choose from click here for more information on miniature furniture.

The thing that people find most daunting when it comes to starting their dolls house is the lighting. The thought of actually fitting electric's is terrifying and most people have no clue where to start. Well don’t worry if you can plug in a plug you can light a doll house it is very simple just take a look at our guide to lights and lighting.

If you need any help at all with your dolls house take a look at our guides, you will find the answers to most of your questions there or send us an e-mail through our Contact Us Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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