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Georgian Doll Houses

Georgian Doll Houses are very grand and are one of the most common doll houses in kit form you will see. They are usually large houses with classic architecture, large windows and a uniform look. A good example of a Georgian house is a town house.

Georgian Style
There were three main themes in the Georgian period which can be seen in Georgian houses: Greece and Rome, Terraces and Town Houses, Palladianism and Country Houses.

Palladianism was a philosophy of design based on the writings and work of an Italian architect who tried to recreate the style of ancient Roman buildings. Palladian style comprises grace, understanding of decorative elements and the use of order in a design. You can see this in the Georgian doll house, the design is very uniform and symmetrical with straight lines and a lot of structure to the design.

During the Georgian period the rich started to put a lot of money into their homes and a lot of grand country houses appeared. If you want a large dolls house than a grand county Georgian residence like the one below would be perfect.

The Georgian Doll House
Georgian dolls houses are by no means scarce there are absolutely hundreds to choose from in all shapes and sizes and you can also get plans that are easy to follow if you fancy building your own. The rooms are large and airy with high ceilings so you will be able to fit a huge furniture collection in a Georgian house.

Our two most popular doll house kits are Georgian, The Beeches and Rutland Grange. Our customers love the size and architectural features that these houses offer. They both have big windows that let in lots of light and allow you to really show off your collection. The Beeches also has a front Balcony with double doors leading to it. You can see some pictures of the houses below. Georgian doll houses are extremely grand and very beautiful. If you want more information Click on the pictures below.

The Beeches
Rutland Grange
Preston Manor



Our Most Popular Doll House

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