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What You Should Find In A Good Quality Doll House Kit

The first thing to look at when purchasing a doll house is the wood it is made from and the thickness of the wood. I would recommend choosing a doll house that is made from MDF, medium density fiberboard. This is a man made board that is tough, durable, won't splinter, is easy to paint and decorate and will allow you to install lighting.

The majority of doll house kits are made from MDF. All of the dolls houses featured in the Laura Anne Dolls House shop are made from MDF

You also need to look at the thickness of the wood. A sturdy doll house will be made out of wood that is at least 6mm thick. The thickness of the wood will also determine if you can install lighting in your doll house. A doll house made from wood that is at least 6mm thick will allow you to install lighting. There is more about lighting installation on Day 3 of this guide.

Easy construction is also the sign of a good quality doll house. This shows that thought has been put into the design and that it has undergone a development process. A dolls house that is easy to construct should have big pieces that slot together. The majority of good quality houses are held together with tight fitting parts and wood glue. Very few screws are ever used. Screws make it more difficult for you to put the house together and you also end up with unsightly screw heads that can't be covered up by simply painting the house. Dolls houses should state that they are easy build and that they don't have any screws. All of our dolls houses are easy build so a novice can put them together and they don't have any screws at all. If you would like to see what our customers have said about building out houses visit our Beeches doll house page and

When purchasing your doll house also consider if you want wooden or plastic windows. Wooden windows are more traditional and many people do not like any plastic parts if they are building a doll house that they will keep for many years and pass down to their children. Wooden windows do require a lot more work than plastic windows. They do come fully constructed but you will have to paint them yourself. If you have a large house this can be time consuming job. The majority of our dolls houses have traditional wooden windows, the exceptions that come with plastic windows are The Rutland Grange , The Cottesmore and The Kensington. The windows of these dolls houses are removable so they could be replaced with wooden windows.

A good quality doll house will have an add-on basement that are specifically made for that house and is not universal. This gives you the option to extend the house if you wish. Poor quality doll houses may have basements but these are usually made to fit several houses and are not unique to your doll house so can compromise the look. A basement should look like part of the house and not an addition. All of our doll houses have their own basements especially designed for each house. The exception to this Oak House which is a Tudor doll house, a basement would not fit in with the Tudor period so this house does not have an add-on basement.

One last point, I know I have said it before I always recommend opting for a British made doll house kit for quality and durability. All of our doll house kits are made in the UK to visit our store and take a look Good Quality Doll House Kit

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Buyers Comments

"Thank you for getting my doll house to me in just 72 hours" - Mrs Frost, Manchester

"My daughter loves her new doll house and we had so much fun building it together" - Garry, Western Super Mare

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