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Hand Made Doll Houses

Hand made doll houses designed and created by a craftsman is a very exclusive thing. Proper hand made dolls houses are fantastic and if you have never seen one in the flesh you don't know what you are missing. The attention to detail and authentic feel about them is magnificent and they are a piece of art in themselves.

Hand made houses are like gold dust. The really good crafts men and women are always booked solidly with orders and you can wait a very long time for your dolls house to be built. I actually ordered a hand made Tudor house from a lovely couple, Sue & Alan, who I met at Miniatura in Birmingham. By the time the house is finished I will have been waiting 18 months for it. It will be well worth the wait though, their houses are fantastic.

Here are a few master craftsmen who make handmade doll houses. Pictures really don't do their houses justice so if you fall in love with any try and visit them at a miniature show.

Tudor Doll Houses from Saalt

Sue & Alan from saalt make these wonderful crooked and aged Tudor style doll houses. Every building is unique and they use many different colour and finish combinations to make your house individual.

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Hand made miniatures are favoured by celebrities. To find out more about celebrity style visit


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