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The Henley Doll House

The Henley doll house. A grand Georgian house featuring nine large rooms and a central stair case.

The Henley is made from precision cut MDF and comes in kit form. All windows and the external door are made from wood and come unassembled for ease of painting.

On purchasing this house you will receive full assembly instructions which are step by step and very easy to follow. You can also read through the detailed online guides to lighting and decorating your dolls house on this site.

The Henley doll house is one of the largest in our collection with nine rooms which allows for all those little extras that you will inevitably want in you dolls house once you start collecting. With this house you could fit in a nursery or a music room as well as the conventional kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms.

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House Dimensions

Overall Size 835mm wide, 937mm high, 310mm deep
6 Rooms 222mm wide, 228mm high, 293mm deep
3 Rooms 360mm wide, 228mm high, 293mm deep


This house is sold directly from the maufacturer on ebay and can usually be snapped up at a bargain price

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