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Imaginarium Doll House

The imaginarium doll house is Geared to children who love Barbie dolls. This life-sized dollhouse has large rooms and a sturdy wood construction that will hold up to heavy hands.

Measuring 51 inches tall, 32-1/2 inches wide, and 13-1/2 inches deep, this four-story dollhouse has high ceilings that accommodate any 12-inch-tall fashion doll.

On the first floor is a hip living room for entertaining guests (other dolls) The second floor features a small kitchen and dining room with a superb city view.

A glamorous and comfortable bedroom suite takes up the whole third floor while the fourth hosts a pet parlor and an intimate penthouse lounge.

The uptown dollhouse also comes with 14 pieces of retro-looking furniture that are durably made of wood and don’t have any small parts that could potentially break off. Once kids supply the dolls, this stylish’ pad will provide hours of creative play.

For more information or to purchase this house Click Here If You Live In The USA or Click Here If You Live In The UK


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