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The Lily Doll House

The Lily doll house is a fashionable Victorian replica featuring seven full sized rooms, one large hallway that can be furnished as an additional room, and a large elegant foyer featuring an exquisite set of double doors.

This is a wonderfully ornate dolls house and is much bigger than it looks in these pictures. Perfect for experienced or new collectors who want a unique house. This house is also suitable for little girls but I would be wary of giving it to a child under 8 years old, you wouldn't want them spoiling all your hard work.

Open not only all across the back, but also on one side for easy access to all the stately rooms. The full wrap around porch leading to the back door adds yet another dimension for decorating. It's curved, Mansard roof, ornamental trim and double hung windows add grace and dignity to the architectural style.

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