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Find The Best Miniature Doll House Furniture

Find The Best Miniature Doll House Furniture

There is so much to say about miniature doll house furniture that it is hard to know where to start. There are so many unique and wonderful pieces that deciding what to put in your dolls house is very often difficult. To find the best doll house furniture there are a few things you need to know:

  • What scale is doll house furniture and will it fit in your doll house?

  • What is doll house furniture made from?

  • What is so special about hand made pieces of furniture?

  • Is cheaper better?
Miniature Doll House FurnitureWhat scale is miniature doll house furniture?

There are two main sizes of doll house furniture, twelfth scale and twenty fourth scale. Twelfth scale is twelve times smaller than in real life and twenty fourth scale is twenty four times smaller than in real life.

Most miniaturists own twelfth scale doll houses and there is a lot more miniature doll house furniture available in twelfth scale than in twenty fourth scale.

If you are unsure of the size of your doll house measure the height of your doll house rooms. A twelfth scale house will have rooms between 8" and 11" I height. A twenty fourth scale house will have rooms between 4" in height and 5.5" in height.

What is doll house furniture made from?

Dolls house furniture can be made from wood or metal. Many wood pieces are very intricately carved and are very decorative. Most wooden pieces of furniture are made from ply or balsa wood and stained mahogany, walnut or pine.

If you see a piece of doll house furniture advertised as mahogany in most cases this will mean that it is stained with mahogany varnish. The exception to this is with hand made pieces. Some master craftsmen use the highest quality pieces of wood for their work.

Hand Made DeskWhat is so special about hand made pieces of furniture?

Hand made miniature doll house furniture is the finest doll house furniture you can get. These pieces are hand carved by master craftsmen and can sell for hundreds of pounds.

Hand made items require a lot of work and hours are spent constructing each piece. Many items are unique one-offs that will never be recreated. Some very serious doll house collector's only fill their doll houses with hand made items and their collections are worth thousands of pounds.

Is cheaper doll house furniture better?

When choosing your miniature doll house furniture you need to judge if an item is worth its money. Some doll house furniture can be picked up for very little money but these items are usually poor quality and break very easily.

Compare a few items and check the quality. It is better to pay a little extra for a set that will last. Cheaper is not always better.


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