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Miniature Doll House

A miniature doll house is a dream come true. It is a treasure you can enjoy all your life and pass down to your children and grandchildren.

On our miniature doll house tour we will be looking at one of our most popular doll houses and take you though many of the items and delights available for doll houses.

First of all let's start with the doll house:

This is The Beeches miniature doll house. It is a Georgian style doll house with dormer windows, a balcony and a pillared front door. The Beeches has eight large rooms and a central staircase, which the rooms lead off.

A great feature of this doll house is its attention to detail. The outside of the house has a carved stone effect around the windows and on the inside the stairs have delicate banisters and newel posts.

The Beeches has eight large rooms which gives you enough room to have a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms, a nursery and a study or you could have a games room, a library or music room. This house is huge and you have enough rooms to create whatever you want.

One of the qualities of this dolls house is that it is made from MDF that is a man made wood that provides a perfectly smooth splinter free surface. Perfect for a miniature doll house. When you are looking for a doll house always check what wood the house is made from. There is more information on this in our beginner's section.

If you would like to see more dolls houses click here but remember to come back here and take the rest of the doll house tour. Now let's have a look at some doll house decoration Click Here.


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