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Miniature Dolls By Happiness Is

Miniature dolls by Happiness Is create hand made porcelain dolls reminiscent of people through history. They have dolls based on characters from as far back as 1570. All of their dolls are made to a very high standard as you can see from the lady to the left who is reminiscent of on upper class woman in the 1620's.

If you are building a historical dolls house take a look at the dolls by Happiness Is. They have a very wide range and if you don't find a doll to fit the period you are creating exactly they will make one for you.

Happiness Is also create fairy and storybook dolls in twelfth scale. These dolls are very detailed and perfect for make believe dolls houses.

All the porcelain used for the dolls is long-fired (9 1/2-10 1/2 hours) to full maturity for maximum strength and translucency. Pieces are returned to the kiln approximately 5 to 7 times in the process of china painting the facial features. Poseable dolls have sealed double armatures for strength and durability. All porcelain dolls with movable arms and legs, even the tiniest babies, are strung internally with no exposed wires or elastic to spoil the illusion of reality.

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