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Miniature Furniture

There are so many pieces of miniature furniture available for your doll house you will probably find it difficult to choose the pieces you want. When collecting doll houses there seems to be three types of collectors; hand made collectors, Anything goes collectors and DIY collectors.

Hand Made Writing DeakHand made collectors only collect miniature furniture hand made by artisans. These pieces are usually highly detailed like this writing desk. Hand made items take a long time to make and a lot of work goes into them. They are usually quite expensive because of the time and effort put into each piece.

DIY collectors are those who make every item for their doll house themselves. If you like craft work this is often the most fun way to decorate your doll house. You can custom make each piece to suit your room. You don't even have to be that skilled to make miniature furniture many collectors make pieces from things they have lying around the house and would otherwise throw away.

"Anything goes" collectors purchase miniatures from stores, may have a few well chosen artisan made pieces in their doll houses and they also make some items themselves. This is the easiest way to start out. Purchase those essentials and try and make some custom items to make your doll house unique.

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