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Miniature Garden

GardenMake your own miniature garden ,the Dolls House Gardener has a selection of eight miniature garden plans in eight different styles. You will find every type of garden you could wish for in this book from a grand Georgian country garden to a tiny terrace house backyard.

The book starts off by discussing a little about the history of the doll house garden and what goes into making one. Lionel and Michael then go on to tell us how to start designing and planning our own miniature gardens. The great thing about this section of the book is that they describe the different period styles of gardens and how to create a doll house garden that will match the period of your house.

The book thoroughly explains all the tools and materials you will need to create your garden. It also tells you what materials to use and how to make your own paving stones, rocks, bricks, earth, flowers, fish, tree's and much more. The two gardens featured on this page give you an example of the range of items you will learn to create with this book.

Every stage of making your miniature garden is explained in detail with step by step instructions, tips and diagrams. If your thinking of trying to make a miniature garden than I highly recommend you get this book. It has so many ideas and things to make the only problem you will have is choosing what to put in your garden.

The book even features garden furniture including bench's, deck chairs, picnic tables, a dovecote, a beehive, a bird feeder and a wishing well. All have detailed instructions and plans to help you make them.

I could go on for ages about this book because it really is outstanding but I won't I will simply direct you to Amazon where you can purchase the book and read their reviews. Click Here

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For information on real gardens including how to create a beautiful garden with easy to grow plants visit


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