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Modern Doll Houses

Modern Doll Houses used to be a very difficult thing to get your hands on unless you were looking for a children's plastic toy. Over the past few years modern miniatures have become much more popular with collectors wanting to style a doll house on their own homes. They are now available in kit form, plans and custom made to resemble buildings of your choice.

In the world of miniature any house which is based on a design that is post 1910 would be classed as modern. Most dolls houses are Victorian or Georgian and dolls house designs after these periods are much more rare. You can however get a collection of dolls houses based on houses from the 1930's right up to the present day.

If you are looking for a more specific doll house, maybe one of a particular building or a particular type of house it is quite likely that you will have to have this custom made or design and build it yourself. There are many designers who will design and build a house for you or help you design one.

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