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Rutland Grange Basement

The Rutland Grange Basement is a magnificent addition to this doll house. It adds three large rooms to the bottom of the house, perfect for an extra large kitchen and servants quarters. The front of the basement has a large central staircase leading to the front door reminiscent of the Georgian town house.

The basement like the house is made from MDF which makes it very strong and easy to paint and decorate. The basement comes in kit, unpainted and undecorated form with full instructions and is very easy to put together.


Overall Dimensions 31inches deep, 38inches wide, 10inches high

Rutland Grange Basement Kit

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Buyers Comments

"Thank you for getting my doll house to me in just 72 hours" - Mrs Frost, Manchester

"My daughter loves her new doll house and we had so much fun building it together" - Garry, Western Super Mare

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