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Tudor Doll Houses

Tudor doll houses are the least common of dolls houses but perhaps the most beautiful. A lot of work goes into creating an authentic look in a Tudor dolls house with thick wooden beams, rough white exteriors, tiled roofs and leaded windows. More often than not a Tudor house will be made by a professional under commission or from scratch by a collector.

"A Tudor doll house really does make a wonderful focal point, they are so detailed and full of character you can't help falling in love with them"

Changes in the architectural style during the Tudor period resulted in buildings shrinking and becoming more intimate. The Tudors focused on details in their homes and not on spaciousness. Windows and doors were smaller, but more ornately decorated. The oriel window emerged in the Tudor period, which was projected out from the upper floor of the house and supported by a wall bracket from beneath.

Brick became a common building material and was used inside and outside the house. Brick was however a luxury and those who could not afford it used plaster infill resulting in the typical black and white Tudor houses.

Merchants were competing for storefront space so the ground floor would be limited and the upper floors would overhang the lower to create more room. House designs became more balanced and symmetrical and were often built around an inner courtyard. The hall was the center of life but the winter parlor appeared which was very much like the modern dining room and acted as a family retreat.

A new feature of manor houses was the long gallery running the length of the upper floor which was used for walks, games and displaying art. The Tudor house would have few passages and one room would open into the next.

Gardens were a vital feature of Tudor life and both flower and herb gardens were popular.

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