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Last Minute Miniatures - Get them in time for Christmas!



I just had to mention this unique range of hand made miniatures again. There are many different items. Christmas themed and other items. Handmade by Jacqueline Dunn.

This Scottie dog teapot is an example of her exceptional work. The teapot itself is hollow and the lid can be removed.

If you are lucky enough by the time you read this newsletter this won't have sold! If it has there are lots more creations...

Click Here To Take A Look!

BellaBelle Dolls

OOAK Miniature Dolls by Julie Campbell I.G.M.A. Artisan, Bellabelle Dolls. Hand sculpted in polymer clay without use of molds these dolls are truly one of a kind .

These three children are having such fun sledging in the snow ! The boys are having such a great time but their little sister looks a bit worried , maybe the sledge is going too fast for her!

These and other dolls are available in time for Christmas Click Here To Take A Look!

Through The Magic Door Fairies

Tiny hand made faries. All are one of a kind and lovingly made.

Nuala is an original one of a kind pure sculpt Her blue eyes are handmade glass Her ribbon is silk And her hat is handmade Her hair is recyled fur Her wings are real dragonfly coated for durability which are not removable She is just 2inches sitting not including her hat.

To see more Click Here!

Marshfields Furniture

Handmade furniture made from wood veneer to create unique one of a kind designs.

This table has individually hand cut wood effect strips which make up the most stunning design. It has then been lacquered numerous times to give it a rich gloss.

Get this and other Marshfileds items in tome for Christmas Click Here!


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