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Victorian Doll House

A Victorian Doll House is a wonderful residence to own. They are always full of character and remind us of a fascinating era.

A wonderful characteristic of Victorian houses is that you don't have to stick to one particular theme throughout your doll house. The Victorians were known for their collections and cramming everything they could into their rooms.

Your Victorian doll house should be full of knickknack's and tiny accessories.

Well off Victorians also loved elegance and showing off. If you own a large Victorian residence fill it with colour and grand furnishings. Victorian ladies always embroidered, read and played the piano so you should try to fit book cases and screens in your house and it if you have room a music room.

There are a lot of Victorian doll houses to choose from. They are distinguishable from Georgian houses because they usually have four paned windows and bays. Here are a few Victorian houses:

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