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Whitledge Burgess Doll House Rooms

Whitledge Burgess Doll House Rooms are recognized as creators of fine miniature room settings and furniture in 1/12 scale.

Whitledge-Burgess roomboxes are distinctive because they use the same design principles as full-scale interiors. Realism is achieved through meticulous attention to detail with custom furniture and accessories designed specifically for each room. In addition, Whitledge-Burgess conducts workshops throughout the country to share knowledge and perpetuate the enjoyment of miniatures.

The room boxes by Whitledge-Burgess are a real inspiration when designing the rooms of your dolls house. Pictures of their rooms are scattered throughout this web site in the different room categories (Use the Doll House Rooms Button on the Navigation bar).

You can also get more information on their workshops at their web site. Click Whitledge Burgess Doll House Rooms for more details.


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