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Period Wooden Doll Houses

When building wooden doll houses you could choose to have a doll house from a particular period in time. You could theme your doll house around a particular era like the Victorian of Georgian era.


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The Victorian period is one of the most popular. Victorian wooden doll houses offer large rooms, character and their furniture is decorative, the Victorians showed their wealth by their possession's cramming as much into a room as possible. This is great for miniature collectors, you can have as much furniture and ornaments in a Victorian dolls house as you like and it will not look out of place.

Victorian style began in the 1830's when the Rococo style was used in furniture and porcelain design. The Rococo style of the 18th-century is characterised by lightness, delicacy, and elaborate ornamentation. In decoration the style is characterised by arabesques, shells, elaborate curves, and asymmetry.

Louis XIV style and Chinese-inspired decoration, along with Oriental-style bamboo and lacquer furniture were popular. There was also a craze for all things Japanese in the form of vases, fans, and screens.

The Victorian style was extremely eclectic and every room in Victorian wooden doll houses can be decorated in a different style. This is great for dolls houses because many different colours, furniture and decorative items can be put together in a house letting you run wild with your creativity. While the dining room may be Elizabethan, the halls may be gothic and the living room Queen Anne. To find out more Click Victorian Wooden Doll Houses


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Georgian doll houses are the most common form of wooden doll houses and the one you will come across most. They are popular because they are large and attractive. The Georgian period was very much influenced by classical architecture and is often called neoclassical style. There were three main themes: Greece and Rome, Terraces and Town Houses, Palladianism and Country Houses.

Palladianism was a philosophy of design based on the writings and work of an Italian architect who tried to recreate the style of ancient Roman buildings. Palladian style comprises grace, understanding of decorative elements and the use of order in a design. A Georgian doll house will have very organised decoration unlike a Victorian house.

During the 18th century the rich began to put money into their homes. Country houses began to appear with vast areas of land and landscaped parks. If you want a grand mansion dolls house you could base it on Georgian times. There are several styles of palladian door available in miniature and you can get windows to match. The style of these doors and windows give Georgian wooden doll houses a very grand look. Click Here for more information.


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Tudor wooden doll houses are absolutely wonderful display pieces. They are very attractive from the outside and replicate real Tudor houses very well. Tudor dolls houses are definitely for collectors.

The image of a Tudor house is one of a white building encased in black timbers. The roof would be covered with thatch, tiles or slate. Inside the homes would have wood paneled walls which were sometimes arranged into decorative patterns. The ceilings would be bare timber or sometimes the rafters would be concealed with plaster.

Changes in the architectural style during the Tudor period resulted in buildings shrinking and becoming more intimate. The Tudors focused on details in their homes and not on spaciousness. Windows and doors were smaller, but more ornately decorated. The oriel window emerged in the Tudor period, which was projected out from the upper floor of the house and supported by a wall bracket from beneath.

Brick became a common building material and was used inside and outside the house. Brick was however a luxury and those who could not afford it used plaster infill resulting in the typical black and white Tudor houses.

Merchants were competing for storefront space so the ground floor would be limited and the upper floors would overhang the lower to create more room. House designs became more balanced and symmetrical and were often built around an inner courtyard. The hall was the center of life but the winter parlor appeared which was very much like the modern dining room and acted as a family retreat.

A new feature of manor houses was the long gallery running the length of the upper floor which was used for walks, games and displaying art. The Tudor house would have few passages and one room would open into the next.

Gardens were a vital feature of Tudor life and both flower and herb gardens were popular.

Tudor wooden doll houses are wonderful collectors piece's. Although these houses are becoming more popular there is still a huge lack of furniture and decorations available for them but if you are planning to create most of the furnishings yourself then a Tudor dolls house could be perfect for you. Click Here for more information


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The Modern dolls house theme is becoming much more popular with collectors wanting to model them on their own homes. There are many different types of modern dolls houses ranging from the 1930's onwards. As with real sized houses most of these still have features from earlier periods but they have been updated.

Modern dolls houses are great fun because you can actually base them around your own home, or a home you would like. You could decorate the bedroom to look exactly like your own room or design your dream kitchen in your dolls house. Click Here for more information.

Now you have had a look at a range of wooden doll houses from different periods click onto the next page in the tour to find out what you need to look out for when building your dolls house and how to avoid common mistakes. Click Here....


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